Welcome to…


We're concocting all this in the shade of the palm trees of Paradise. This is a paradise for people and for sports cars, too!  The bodies here get pretty brown, but not because they're rusty.

In this communiqué, we will examine experiences of the "Peoples' Porsche".

We offer neither manifesto nor gospel, but we’ll examine those ultimate questions of Redemption and Resurrection as they apply to keeping these great, mid-engine cars on the road.

The views below are of our secret base, hidden in plain view, somewhere in the anthill of Southern California.



From this ultra-secure facility, the loyal, seasoned veterans of the underground set out on their rescue missions.

Eschewing the latest in space re-con photos and GPS locating devices they make their way to undisclosed locations deep behind the lines.

Equipped with little more than a Leatherman and dental floss they know failure is not an option.

Toughened by years of training with knuckle-buster tools and grueling 50 mile hikes to get gas, the forces of the underground have the stamina to endure countless checkpoints and endless snafus at every turn.

Yet in the end they emerge victorious, rescuing hapless victims and bringing them back to live a long and full life.

And now, sustained by a large cache of Cold War C-rations, we are prepared to pursue our Revealed Objective: raising the 914 to its rightful place in the New World Order


We hope to include some community service content on our page; so among the sections we contemplate are:


Tech Topics

Advice about Nine One Four maintenance... And maybe some questions. We will consider submissions.

 Let us know how you solved some &$%(@#!  problem and we'll share it with everyone else. For example: What did you do the last time your trunk latch didn't open when you pushed the little button?

" Just hit it really hard." (Tip attributed to Scott Schroder)

Our response is:

Right Arm, brother. You can use a pounding block and that same hammer to straighten out the rear panel; but you don't have to use a sawsall or cutting torch to get into the trunk. Anybody price a taillight assembly, lately? Does anybody carry enough extensions to get on it from the engine compartment? You do keep your tools in the front trunk, right?

We try to keep it simple. After all, we're just shadetree mechanics. To help us urge our projects forward, we have a whole dang collection of hammers on the wall, each one larger than the last, supplemented by a selection of pry bars and cheater pipes over in the corner.



Don't even ask me about an electric trunk!

Something like the above could qualify for a section called Roadside Nightmares! if it didn’t happen in your driveway. (My preference has always been driveway; but that’s just me….)



Friends of the Underground


Send us pics of your favorite cars, regardless of marque. We are a fairly eclectic crowd here, so you may expect to see anything from vintage American Iron to VWs.


Our first featured Friend is Bob Bandera. Bob is a nuclear physicist in Arizona. Below is his Daily Driver:


That looks pretty slick, Bob. I’ve always liked those wheels, too. They sure beat the early steel ones.

Just to show his eclectic spirit, we want to include some shots of Bob’s Lotus, a

“1964 Series 1 Elan, RHD, car number 434.  Body off, frame up restoration.”




Wow, Bob! That’s really clean.


What I want to do next is feature Bob’s Project 6, which he has just about finished disassembling for a ground-up restoration. Last I heard, he’d rebuilt the motor to 911E-spec and was rebuilding the carbs.  If it comes out as nicely as the Lotus, it ought to be beautiful. He’s making progress, so I don’t know that it would qualify for the “Eternal Project” section. We’ll see….


The Eternal Project


We also contemplate


I figure everyone knows about Pelican and AA and such, so I will look around the net and solicit suggestions from visitors to this page.

Contact us

and a Bulletin Board for parts exchange and the exchange of  info.


Just remember that, like the Eternal Project, we are still...


Under Construction….